Foot Knights

Knights on Foot. In a mood for legendary tales of knights, I could no longer resist getting some of these models and begin painting. The models are a mix of Raging Heroes, Perry Miniatures and Fireforge Miniatures. With the odd Mirliton model or helmet here and there.

I am at the moment of writing this still in doubt about the heraldry and the rest of the army colours. Peasants are somewhat nailed down, as I will reveal later, but apart from the Black Tower against a Burgundy Sky shield ornament, I find I am sort of lacking a symbol. Like a cross or something which every knight easily could have on their chest or elsewhere – However, it can’t be red or black. So what is a good third colour, I keep asking myself.

The banner is made from linen cloth and stiffened with white glue.

Next to the unit of twenty foot knights is a paladin. She might become a regular knight once I paint more miniatures for this army, but so far she will serve as a hero.

I included a few pictures with fewer models, as the entire unit somewhat muffles each inidividual knight’s character. First is the command group, the hero and my favourite regular knight (who had his shield destroyed and now reverts to twohanding his bastard sword.

Lastly the different shields I came up with at the time of painting these. I don’t know if they are to remain different or if there should be more kinds, but my attitude is that I can always return and redo shields.

Also WIP of banner.


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