Last Decade’s Dreadspears

These guys.. I have way too many of these guys. And some was painted. Most are just undercoated. In best tv-shop/makeover style I have included a Before and After picture of my spearmen.


Painting these fifteen spears was initially a joy. To return to old models I painted more than ten years ago, and finally giving them some love was fun and perhaps I underestimated them a bit. It quickly became quite a job to work around old paint and glue, which in many cases caused the models to be without detail. Some chainmail on the pictures will show this for instance.

In the end, something still does not sit right with me. I had at first made their armour golden, but found it terrible to highlight it and went for the dark bronzed look. Keeping in style with the autumn colours, I tried to mix a good bronze-gold colour for the chainmail, with a bit of red to it, but mostly came out wrong. This will suffice for now.

I am procrastinating when it comes to banner sigils and symbols. For these guys, this means their shields are left bare until I decide upon something. Withered tree, a sinister symbol, whatever. However, I couldn’t resist gluing something on the unit champion’s shield, sort of as a test, and sort of to easily pick him out in the unit.


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