I cannot resist trying out something new and different, so a while back friends lent me models for some try outs. These are pictures of a Reiksguard Knight I believe, and Be’lakor the first Daemon Prince (again, I think).

I had a basic idea about the knight and thought I would try it out. Took me three hours to finish this guy, but I am quite satisfied with my attempt. My friend wanted something classic and appropriate so I went with the Red and White. I painted some of the armour on knight and horse brown to see if it could turn into leathery under-armour. I think it breaks the monotony of metal plate. (also the strap on the tail I forgot to paint until I had taken the picture, heh). If I was any good at freehanding a few markings or letters would suit the pauldrons too. Below you will also see me testing gold, but it became too dominant.

Be’lakor! Shadowy deamon bastard thing. This guy I had free reign over, and to me he had to scream evil. His very skin is a blackish purple with red nuances, claws and spiky bits shimmery blue and some worn gold to mix with all the cold colours. The insides of his wings, both front and back are based silver and washed with blue or violet to give him that otherwordly touch. An entity of the demonic realms, he can survive some bright and strange colours. Finally an overall grey highlight to give detail on his skin. No WIP on this guy, but just picture a lot (a loooot) of different washes and do overs in a mess of blue, purple and red.

But where is the amazing basing? Well, these are not my models, and I don’t want them to stick out from the armies of my friends with some different ground texture. So imagine it!


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