Boughness Test

Boughness Test

I should have known this wood happen. Beware all ye who make forest terrain.

These dryads rushed out the battlestricken forests, falling upon the unsuspecting Druchii and Asur locked in feud. Animated deadwood, possessed by elven spirits, newly cut from the tree with leaves of gold and red or long since rotten, dark and sickly in appearance from laying in bogs.

Generally bases need more highlight, as well as leaves and eyes on the dryads, etc. These were a secret project suddenly appearing on the battle table a fateful day in December, and so was painted to at least qualify for tabletop standard. Just never got around to taking any pictures before now. As with many of my miniatures, the intention is rather clear, but my need for change of work is also very true. I will get back to these sometime.

The wizardy Branchwraiths in particular are only half done, though the champions aka nymphs are up to par with the unit.



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