Ruins in fall

Just a a quick update on some of the terrain in creation.


To show the millenia of elven society a classic way are the use of ruins. Pillars, temples, and all that. Not only does it fit in the previous terrain features of marshland and forest, but I wanted to be able to set a table with a dark and abandoned side and a lighter, less affected side, forming a border landscape for the miniatures to fight over. These pictures show the latter, a land in autumn colours still untouched by darkness or corruption.

While none of this is truly finished, it clearly shows the intent.

The ruins are bought, while the raised pathway is homemade. I found I wanted to be able create an ancient elven site sometimes instead of sporadically spread ruins and thought some pavement or pathway would better show you entered a place of (possibly) forgotten old. The ends of the pathway are removeable so as to contain a stair for the miniatures to ascend, should one end not be connected to another ruin. It takes inspiration from classic elf type architecture and Rivendell too, in the sense the buildings slip between trees rather than removing them.

And who doesn’t want some High Elf stuff to raid? Conquer? I mean claim. Reclaim. Yes.



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