Ungrim Unveiled


This is the Slayer King in my Incarnate of Fire edition, and the first post of my dwarves. Or Gromrillas.

Taking inspiriration from other conversions I set out to create my own model of the legendary warrior, reaching satisfaction even though I initially wanted him to be more dynamic in pose. If anything could be added it would be to his empty hand; Decapitated head or maybe an ale.

I decided to go pretty classic with the paint; his gromril armour blue, slayer beard and mohawk bright red, the cloak good old dragon red and an icy mountainous base.

He is converted from various bits and in the images you will first see me comparing axeheads to make up his mighty Axe of Dargo. I used green stuff to fill the gaps between him and his Dragon Cloak of Fyrskar, and while his horned Slayer Crown could have a circlet added, I feared it would blur the model too much with many things in the face. Thus his helmet is the crown.

Below is a full list of the components used in the final model:

Body: Scibor Miniatures Dwarves Veteran.

Axe of Dargo: GW Dwarf Longbeard axeheads (4).

Dragon Cloak of Fyrskar: GW Dark Elf Corsair Cloak and War Hydra head.

Mohawk: Avatars of War Dwarf Berserkers.

Piedestal: Scibor Miniatures.


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