Three ladies ready to do battle. A redhead, a blonde and snakes-for-hair! From the army a Mistress, from the khainite worshippers a Death Hag and lastly the beastmasters’ brought a Bloodwrack Medusae.


Elves first. These two have been converted to be Battle Standard Bearers on foot. At first I was aiming for a Dreadlady and wanted to convert it somehow besides making it female (greenstuff chest). At first I stuck the default sickle weapon on, until I found the banner among my bits and immediatly liked it.


The Death Hag is obviously a hag from the old
cauldron, idea stolen from the internet where she had become a BSB as well. I went for the corsair flag and a sword from.. somewhere. Don’t recall. Cold ones or dragon rider might be looking for it. Anyway, she took it and lifted it higher than her orignal sword. Later I looked at the discarded Dreadlord sickle and part of me wants to replace the sword in her hand with it.
20150908_183727And yet, the way she puts her foot in front of the other match really well with the direction of the sword and banner, creating this dramatic triangle. Just the sort of thing an eccentric Death Hag would do. Afraid of everything turning yellow, I tried to colour the inside of her cloak differently. Brown, gold, bronze. Nothing worked. I reached the conclusion that among halfnaked grey witch elves or atop the cauldron she will stand out (brightly!) and show off that she is indeed a hero.

20151017_234101Her base is on the edge of too m20151017_234821uch for me. I might cut down on the skulls someday, but for now they hide the magnet stuck to her boots, so she can be used on the Cauldron of Blood.

At first I imagined her standing behind the cauldron itself, but with the flag going back it almost collides with the statue of Khaine and I thought what the heck, let her stand in the pool of blood on some skulls (don’t know why they would toss them in there after the victims have been bled. Except for drama. Or maybe Khorne?)


Wait wait wait.. what of the banners themselves? No borders, symbols or anything? -Not yet! I have not been able to decide on anything.
I have a few concepts but knowing I have a habit of changing my mind I will wait a bit with the tedious freehand. Euugh.


20151017_234408Ah! The Medusae, you say? 20151017_234544Yellow snakes. I wanted to try yellow, just to see what itwould be like. Safe to say I liked it alot and it helps brighten things up from the grey and brown I feel. She too is magnetised to fit on the cauldron and on her own.

Ending on a couple of group shots more. Enjoy!




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