Autumn’s Vanguard

These swift riders herald the fall. The end of summer and the coming of dark times. Bringers of death! They are the Autumn’s vanguard.

– The Dark Riders!


So these five are painted up to a standard where I need to paint something else before returning. I decided to skip on the leader axe thing, since I think their spears are pretty menacing. Also glued the musician’s horn to hang by his side, to allow him a weapon as well.

20151006_020435 20151006_020554

These guys are also a chance to show off my bases. I have gone with an Icelandic desert theme. Ashen black sand with tufts of yellow grass springing up. The beaches and plains of black are spectacular there and I could not resist remaking it.

To change it up at times, I want to add streams of dark bog water, something which has lingered beyond the life of the trees that once lived around …these bases. That’s the idea.


I like to cling to the clammy feel of the underground dwelling drow, and less of city elves. Caves, hollow trees all that good stuff. Hope you enjoy it.

On smaller bases like these Dark Riders I have merely painted the base and added glue to act as water. But I have some modeling water for some of the larger ones, like chariot bases.

Also, check out these attitude shots. I love those stampeding horses and look of determination on the elves.

20151006_020422 20151006_020952

As a fun addition I have tributed the armies of three of my good friends on some of the bases. Abandoned Empire shield, down-trodden skeleton and a trampled Chaos star.. for.. that is how tributing works ..right? >:)

Aaaand cue backlogging.


I painted this Scourgerunner Chariot some time ago, when I thought I might go back to painting. Also before I learned I wanted to hold back on red.. ah well. Also the green is something I want to alter. Maybe I will divide the host in slight altered colour sections. Such as ‘Army’, ‘Raiders and Beasties’ and ‘Khainites’.


I would add this to the Raiders and Beasties, me thinks. Any excuse goes!

Alright, time to close this one up. Tell me what you think! Tips, questions, everything goes 🙂


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