Autumn’s first post.

Alright, let’s get this show rolling.

First post and first shot at presenting my miniatures.

This log will feature a great deal of Dark Elves, some Dwarves and bits and pieces of whatever I find myself toying with. However, I am the worst at sticking to one unit or model, and you should expect to see me jumping from one project to the next.

And back again.

I will include some backlogging as well, wanting to show you guys what I made before I posted here. In addition I will try to include some work-in-progress pictures whenever I remember, as well as ideas whether they are canned or undecided for. Feel free to throw in your opinion. It might very well tip the scales!

Anyway, enough log talk. Miniatures?!

Some ten years ago I had the idea of an autumn coloured army. I gave it a few shots, and while the idea made it unto the models, the execution was lacking and tedious. I have returned to play and enjoy miniature wargaming, and with that came the need to revisit painting.

Here are a few of the tries I made back then:


Now that I am back I have decided to give the theme a chance again. And let me tell you a bit about it; Autumn, desert, sunset, call it what you will. I love the thought of the elves being haughty and aloof, bordering vain. So dark elves in yellow? I like to think of them as being obviously dangerous, like vibrant poisonous plants or brightly coloured jungle toads. Another aspect I wanted to display was Drow. Good old darkskins with pale hair. This, in my mind, is what gives my elves the Dark in Dark elves. Apart from their.. obvious good behaviour.

Back then I chose a cold grey for their skin and I have decided to keep it, finding it compliments my warm autumn colours pretty well. Apart from the grey skin, yellow and brown clothes, there are of course the metals. Staying warm coloured, I work in bronze, copper and golds. I try to avoid silver, as I am personally tired of silver+gold armours. It looks great, but I want to see if something else can be done about it. To not drown it all in orangey coppergold, I made the gold look ancient and antique, almost behaving like silver.


Everything is sort of work in progress or accepted test models at the moment, but I wanna show you some more of what I’m aiming for.

Again the dark yellow as the prime colour, with copper chainmail and faded gold along dark bronze. You might say ‘Hey, where’s the red colouring?’, and I tried giving it a bigger part of the theme, but I found it took over the yellow more than I liked. Thus I have reduced it to strings, pouches, special guys and ornament. Just to stand out a little, as seen with the executioner on the picture.

I would like to avoid the silver blades, but I have not come up for something armywide. Runeswords or something alike (coloured blades) is something I have thought about. So far only for heroes and special units. Like the executioner again, where I’m trying out a dark red hue for the draichs (not shown on pic). Also not happy about strong constrast highlight lines, like the yellow on rim the shield. Gonna do something about that.

So what’s really on the program? – Dark Riders.

I give you below a sneak peek of my attempt of a finished model with the Autumn theme. He needs work on the base and some touch up, but once it has been finished, I will post again with more pictures of him and his four dark fellows.

Let me know what you think!



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